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My Favorite Charities

(painting;  "NYC clouds" TLiebengood)

   I find it urgent at this time to support charities I find worthwhile and honest.  We cannot expect our government and "so called leaders" to address the real issues in this world--the ones that really matter, so each individual must donate to a charity that will help out our brothers and sisters on this planet.  Here are some I support and would like to present to you:

    My excellent and wonderful acting coach, Elizabeth MacDonald, has an outstanding and unique charity that deserves your interest and support. The Elizabeth A MacDonald Foundation.  Visit her charity site and see for yourself.     http://www.eamf.org

     Also in Los Angeles there is a fantastic food/work program for the homeless called:  Food on Foot . This program allows the homeless to work for food and shelter and helps find permanent homes and employment for them based on merit.  A revolutionary program designed to address the homeless problem and restore dignity to those who so deserve another chance at life.  God Bless Jay Goldinger founder and tireless leader of this program.  All money goes directly to the needs of the homeless. No government involvement whatsoever.a  http://www.foodonfoot.org

   "We're Here to Love"  from Tender Steel


We can make the world a better place!

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